Dear Dan,

It seems so long since I have seen you. Not a day goes by that I don't think of
you in some manner or fashion. You were always good to me, although I am
sure that you thought I was rather silly. I have been very busy during your
absence doing my very best to love and comfort Lisa. She misses you terribly
and would give anything in the world to have you hold her in your arms once
again. Many are the times that my fur is wet from her tears. Though I am
stuffed with polyester, I am filled with thousands of memories, as I was witness
to the love, the joy and the happiness the two of you shared.

Rest assured my dear friend that I will stand vigilant and watchful in your
absence. I will always be faithful and true and do my best to take care of Lisa
as you would do if you were here. I know that one day she will leave me too.
Though sad that day will be, I will be happy of heart because I know that the
two of you will then be reunited in Heaven. Until that day comes, please know
that I will faithfully be by her side, safely keeping the confidences she shares,
absorbing her tears and hugs as only a best friend can do.

Yours forever truly,