On Monday, May 28, 2007 during the
Memorial Day Service held in
Jeffersonville Mothers, Indiana Chapter
#2 presented the poems and certificate
shown below to Pamela Gilkey, mother of
Sgt. James Daniel Faulkner.
Airmobile during 1968 and 1969, the worst years of the war.
fourth highest medal, the Soldier’s Medal, the Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts,
fourth highest medal, the Soldier’s Medal, the Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts,
two Air Medals, and nearly a dozen other medals and ribbons including the
Lloyd considers himself very blessed to be alive.  Wounded twice, he
experienced many of life’s terrible adversities firsthand…and somehow survived.  
Through seeing death, fear, killing, and atrocity, he learned about his own
mental and physical capabilities and limitations.

Lloyd is the author of two books and numerous poems describing his
experiences. Our family takes much comfort in his poetry and compassion.
Please visit his website.
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the meanings the pin?
Gold Star Lapel pins are presented to and worn by surviving spouses, parents
and immediate family members of Armed Forces members killed in combat
operations. The Gold Star pin is a gold star on a purple circular background.

Maybe you've been behind a vehicle that had a Gold Star Flag as a sticker on
the bumper or the window. Perhaps you've seen the flag hanging from the
front porch of a house while driving through a neighborhood. Do you what
these flags mean?

The Gold Star Service Flag is displayed in memory of those who paid the
ultimate sacrifice while serving our Nation. This flag is a white rectangular field
bordered in red, with a gold star superimposed over a larger blue star so that
the blue forms a border.  

When you meet someone wearing a Gold Star Lapel Pin or if you see a Gold
Star Service Flag, remember behind the pins and flag lie stories of Fallen
Soldiers and Strong Survivors. Take time to recognize, respect and honor all
surviving Family members for their resilient spirit.