When a virtuous man is raised, it brings
gladness to his friends, grief to his enemies,
and glory to his posterity. - Ben Jonson
1573-1637, British Dramatist, Poet
Daniel was fortunate to have made several very  
close friends during his life. Some have chosen to
honor his friendship and memory though the
naming of their children. We are very proud and
pleased to present to you on this page the
namesakes of James Daniel Faulkner.
Price-Daniel Raygen Hobbs
Born September 14, 2006
Chris and Amanda Hobbs
Lola Danielle Stoops
Born August 4, 2011
Jared and Lindsay Stoops
Ethan Daniel Neal
Born March 24, 2005
Mark & Dottie Neal
Katherine Daniella (Dani)
Born September 29, 2011
Ellen and Tom
Daniel Ray William Alexander
Born October 25, 2012
Patrick and Lindsay Alexander
Jonah Daniel Liter