I have never written you a letter before. Last year when everyone else did, I
wasn't sure that I could.  Plus it was really a family thing. Now I think that I can.
I can't believe that it has been two Christmases and two Memorial Days.  It
seems like the year just flows by like years do but on certain days it jolts to a
halt.  Days stop me when you should be there. I wish I had had more time to
make memories with you.  Everyone seems to have so many and I... well I
think that I might be forgetting mine.  I remember taking you to the bars when
you turned twenty-one.  I remember you emailing me everyday from your
base.  I remember you calling to tell me that Summer was born on my
birthday. I remember you calling to say good-bye before you left for Iraq. I
remember thinking that Lisa babyed you after that. I should have let her. So I
miss you. All I wish is that I could have said good-bye.  I think that I have
accepted that it was your time to go. But the good-bye kills me. I don't think
your family knows how awkward I feel when they include me in "family things".
I am so grateful for it too. Because of you I have gotten to know all of them so
much better. I think that it takes a truly great man to still affect people's lives
after he is gone. I am still sick but I will always try to get better. In a way,
because of you. So I will still cry on every Memorial Day and a few more days
in between. I miss you a little everyday and a little more than that on
somedays. Love always.  Jesse Delon