Day 365

Hiya Darlin’,
 Do you know what today is? Or rather what it should have been? I find it
ironic that some of the last things we did when you were home were in
preparation for this day and it’s predecessor. Do you remember our first
kiss, the first time we walked by the river, the day we exchanged rings, the
day we met, the first time you met my family, our last night together? I
miss you terribly. I still think of you everyday.  I miss the quiet moments we
shared, the silly moments we shared, and every moment in between. The
world around me is trying to push me into another’s arms. They want me
to move on. What they don’t realize is that has inadvertently mutilated and
down played our love [my crazy new profession has taught me that]. I’m
not ready to move so fast and it is hard on me to try to fit into someone
else’s timeline of how I should heal and love. But the truth is no one in this
world can understand what happened between you and I; except you and
I. We were the only ones there. I will keep the precious memories of our
time together in a sacred place in my heart especially on this our day.
This is not to say I won’t share the stories of us with others, but I will never
allow anyone to rewrite the story of us. Unconditional love baby. I don’t
want you to worry about me. I’ve slowing begun to write chapter three of
my life. It’s slow going, but with you watching over me how could I fail. I’m
working to be as brave, strong, and compassionate as you. Oh, I miss
talking to you, writing to you…Oh, how I miss you. I have in the recent
days been rereading your letter and listening to your messages. I so wish
I had you here, but I realize that…so I will hold onto you in the things you
left behind both physically and spiritually. You were an amazing man, a
true hero, and you were a goof ball. Know that what ever happens in my
life you will forever be my great love. You only get one a life time. I love
you, I love you, I love you. And on this day I vow, again, to honor you and
our love all the days of my life.

Happy Anniversaries Baby. I love you, I love you, I love you.

 “Forget me knots”                                Lisa
Cledus and I are going to Disney to celebrate our anniversary! He misses
you. He loves you. He so proud of you.