April 28, 2010

Today is your 29th birthday. It’s creepy we are all so grown up. I don’t feel like it sometimes. I
still feel like a child. I still want mom to solve all my problems. I know she can’t but she ties.

Miss you so much. I won’t say I think about you every day but it’s pretty close. It’s weird what
will trigger a memory. Sometimes it’s the way Ethan treats the girls. He doesn’t break the
rules but still finds ways to bug them. He would make you laugh.

Sometimes I feel bad for life going on after you but I know it has to. It’s hard at times though. I
still think you are going to show up one day and it’s all going to be a joke or dream. So much
has happened since that dreadful day but time has also stood still. It’s weird. I miss you!

Sometimes I get mad at you for joining the Army. If you hadn’t then you would be here to
meet my daughter. Then I remember how strong of a man it made you. You were meant to
lead that life. It was you calling. You were good at it and I’m very proud of you.

I remember going to Coyote’s for your 21st birthday. We all went and it was crazy fun. To be
back at that point would we have changed anything? Probably not. Sometimes I’m mad that
you aren’t here to tell me when I’m being stupid with things. You were my little / big brother.
You were supposed to stop me being from being foolish. But then I think that you are up
there and letting me make my own decisions or mistakes. That’s really wt you’re supposed to

By the way, thanks for being the first to expose a tattoo. It made it a lot easier for mom to see
mine. Ha Ha.  I got a baby tiger for you and Aubrey. You would love her. She is so beautiful
and a lot like me. Even during her worst times she has made me a stronger person. I wish
you had got to meet her. She would own your heart.

You have 9 nieces and nephews with one more on the way. Family dinners are crazy. . . .
Lincoln is so mature now. Such a good kid in an awkward teenage body. Kelly has grown into
a beautiful girl with a good head on her shoulders. Summer is just like Dottie. It makes me
laugh. Ethan is his own. He owns the world and isn’t going to share it. Emma is determined.
She knows what she wants and makes a lot of noise to get it. Kaitlin is just like her mother.
Too smart for her own good. She is adorable though and you can’t help but love her. Aubrey
is precious. Loud and obnoxious just like me but way sweeter and prettier. Addyson is the
happiest baby as long as she is with Patrick. She is going to be a handful once she figures
out how to get around the others. And Baby Trevor. He is so sweet. Doesn’t look like us but
will grow to be a Faulkner. We always prevail. Who knows that Jason and Chrissy’s baby will
be like? Hopefully a good mix. We don’t need another Jason. LOL.

Just wanted you to know about them. They all know you. I’m sure they all said Happy Birthday
to you in their own way today.

Aubrey and I went to the cemetery to visit you. She didn’t understand why Nana made you
live out there. She said you weren’t home for us to visit. She is so funny.

I love you and I miss you very much.