September 8, 2014

Hello Daniel,

September 8, 2004 started out like any other. Alarm clocks went off, everyone was getting
ready for work or school, thinking about the plans of the day. No one expected that mid
morning many lives would change, but it did when the news came that you had made the
ultimate sacrifice for something you were solely committed to.

From that point on, the world stopped turning for many of us. Disbelief, anger, fear, grief and
immense sadness filled our hearts, minds and souls. Life as we knew it had changed without
warning. So many questions, so much silence. Some answers came but none of them would
bring you back to us.

Through our grieving we remember how you lived you life to the fullest doing what you liked
and wanted, from running track to saving lives. Slowly we began to do the same and as you
know the family grew, overcame challenges and regained strengths. And in the middle of it all
is you! You will always and forever be part of our lives, be in our hearts and in our minds. We
will NEVER forget "Dan the Man" in all the stages of your life.

When our time comes to leave this life and join our Lord and Savior, we are confident you will
be there waiting, whole, restored, renewed, smiling and happy. "No greater love has any man
than to lay down his life for a friend." We and our nation can never thank you enough. Rest
assured we will never forget.

Save a place for us and we will see you soon! We love you always!!

Uncle Bobby