It was a year ago today that our lives were changed forever. There is not a day that goes by
that something does not make us think of something Daniel has said or something he has
done. The saying that time will heal is not true, yes time does make it more bearable but it
does not heal. We will always have a void in our heart. It always has been and will be the “six

All though we were always grouped together as the Faulkner Kids we still each managed to
have our own identity and act as if we were the only child. Daniel was always the quite one.
(Well maybe he was not really, he just always had his older sister Heather speaking for him
so he always thought it was best just to be quiet and do whatever Heather wants). Boy were
we all surprised after basic training when girls started calling all the time looking for him.
(They were even girls that he met outside of Clarksville). We always thought they were
confused they could not be calling for Daniel; he did not talk to girls. Not only did girls start
to call but he also got some tattoos. Yes he was a grown adult but still terrified for mom to
see them. You know she might have given him the “look”. How did mom manage to have
three mommas’ boys?

I was looking forward to Daniel having kids so that they could call him Lieutenant Dan but
better yet I wanted to be able to tell them about how he stuck his tongue to the basketball
pole and nearly lost part of his tongue. I am sure we all wanted to be at the hospital for the
delivery so hat he could come out and tell us everything went well then he could literally give
himself a pat on the back (I still think he should have went on stupid Human Tricks on David
Letterman). Better yet I could not wait for the day that he embarrassed his children by doing
the one handclap at a school function. And of course the famous bear hug where he would
pick you up by the waist and swing your legs from side to side (it was painful yet you were
laughing too hard to tell him to stop).

You know he always said he was Lincoln’s favorite uncle because since he was not at home
Lincoln appreciated his visits more. And of course there was the fact that he was a stand
alone Uncle and not part of the famous Jay Pat Jay duo.

We each have our own memories that we will always cherish. We love you Daniel and miss
you each and every day.