A Flag at Half Mast

Why is our flag still at half mast?
Another soldier down, but probably not the last.

Blowing in the wind, the red, white and blue.
Freedom and courage that’s what he knew.

Why, how come, and what for?
Too many questions – even more than before.

He was saving many, I understand that clearly,
But it cost his family, and it cost him dearly.

A man was brave and gave his life,
To save another from fear and strife.

To free the people of a foreign land.
Now he rests in Heaven’s hands.

It’s been a year ago today, but my heart is not lifted,
We miss him still, and through the memories we’ve sifted.

I remember Dan the Man.
A longtime friend and fellow Cubs fan.

I recall a time of smiles and beer,
Laughing and teasing, and lots of cheer.

Tattoos and Tigers, track and field,
Became a soldier with a gun and shield.

A brave young man rolled the dice,
Proved his honor and paid the price.

In the background, I hear the sound of Taps.
So I know our flag is still at half mast.

By Shane Russell
In Memory of Daniel Faulkner