Dan will always be missed no one else will ever let me wake them up every weekend
at 6 am and never get mad about it! - Andrea Rouse

My fondest memory of Daniel was when he came home on leave when stationed in
Fort Hood prior to Iraq. All the cousins made plans to go out. Daniel being the
“responsible one” drove. I was expecting them oh 15 minutes ago so I had my shoes
on and my purse in hand waiting to run out. Strangely, my door bell rang. I wondered
who it could be. It was Daniel. I asked why he didn’t honk? I would have came out. He
scolded me saying “You are too good for that. Whoever comes to pick you up should
come and get you. My mom would never let us come out unless the person picking
us up came in.” I don’t think he ever knew how much that meant to me. It was just
common sense to him. - From an anonymous cousin

P.S. “The Responsible One” who insisted on coming in to get me didn’t drive me
home or walk me in, but he made sure the designated driver did!

Daniel growing up was a quiet person, but when I saw him at school he was
always there for anyone who needed help. When he returned from basic training I
saw a man standing there.- Bob Liter

I remember when Pat was overseas in Afghanistan, and Africa, when Dan would call
me to check on me and see how Pat was doing. He was always so kind. I also
remember the last time I saw Dan in person. Patrick and I had come home and were
at his Moms, I awoke to hear Dan talking to Pat in Monya’s kitchen. I walked out,
sleepy head and all in my PJ’s and Dan who was out for a run, came up to me and
gave me a huge hug, soaking wet with sweat, making sure he dried himself off on
me. I will absolutely never forget that.
- Shirley Baker

I'll never forget those hot summer days running with Daniel. He always found a way to
take our minds off of the heat by talking about movies, shows, etc... as we ran the
floodwall. - Jody Still

It was a privilege to know Daniel and I will always consider him my best friend.
- Pat Alexander

I was the maintenance shop foreman for Dan’s company. Your son was always good
to everyone all the time and was always fun to be around.
- Sgt. Richard Ford.

Dan the Man was such a great guy and he always came up to me and said he wished
he could run like Bell someday! I know he is looking down and keeping up the pace
for all those down here! Love ya and miss ya Dan! SJB

The past week we all have been sitting around and reminiscing about the funny
moments. I believe Heathers favorite moment is you and the basketball pole. You
and Heather were having one of your typical discussions and you didn’t believe that
your tongue would stick to the frozen basketball pole. Heather dared you to try it so
you did. I’m sure you will always remember that your tongue did stick. Heather
panicked knowing she would be the one in trouble and yanked your tongue of the
pole. I believe you left the top layer on the pole. I can only imagine how bad that hurt.
I just remember you sitting on mom’s lap in the kitchen with a towel in your mouth
unable to talk. What silly kids we were.

laugh when they think about you and your stupid human tricks. Who else can clap
with one hand? It is the little silly things like this that we will never forget. The
memories we will always cherish. – Kathleen

Happy birthday Daniel. I know you are watching over us and taking care of us. I will
always remember the good times we had together. Again happy birthday and please
keep us safe. - Spc. Adam Kingery

SGT Faulkner was one of the best soldiers I had the privilege of serving with and
commanding.  He was our Armorer and the 1SG's driver and still a SPC 4 when I first
took command. He planned on getting out back then.  The entire company agreed
though that he was too good a soldier to leave and we asked him to stay numerous

It wasn't until we got to Iraq, that I had the privilege of reenlisting SGT Dan Faulkner.  
I can only imagine that Dan saw the good we were doing for others and that his
sacrifice was for the greater good and that is when he decided to reenlist. His name
and face will be etched in my soul forever.

Thank you Dan for what you did, your sacrifice will never be forgotten. A thanks also
goes out to his family for putting this site up, you honor Dan by remembering him and
letting others remember him this way.
- Major Dave Woodruff Former Barracuda Commander

This is the first time I've ever written anything down about Dan, except my own
personal journal from Iraq. I just wanted to share how much I miss him and wish he
were here today. It's still a little overwhelming to think about everything that has
happened. All of my memories with Dan are good ones. I used to be in headquarters
platoon with him. He was the First Sergeant's driver and I was the Commander's
driver. Me and Dan were nearly inseparable. We were always around each other at
work and I grew pretty close with him. I considered him my best friend since I'd gone
active in the Army and left home. I shared stuff with him that I had never told anyone
else in the military. He helped me through whenever things got ruff. And even though
he was a few years younger than me, he kind of gave me someone to look up to.  He
got promoted (to SGT) a few months before me, so I pushed to catch up with him. I
went to the SSG board last month...and right before I walked into the board room, I
remember thinking "this is for you Dan." Dan I really miss having you around and I
hope you are looking down on me. I'll keep you in my mind and my heart.
- SGT Jason M. Richardson

Went to the North Harrison invite Friday.  Got home at 2:00 am. You remember that
meet where we always got home way past my bedtime. I could have used you at the
meet. I wish you a very happy birthday and we miss you greatly, especially that little
grin of yours. Your relays went well again this year with nice weather and a nice win
for the boys. You would be amazed how our kids get motivated for this meet and
most of it comes from you and what you did here. Again Happy Birthday and thanks
for leaving such a tremendous legacy for our young people to follow. - Coach K.

Dan, I went to see you yesterday. We always did stuff the day before because of
family commitments on the actual day. While I was there I remembered your 18th
birthday and how you swore me to secrecy. Well buddy, your secret will always be
safe with me. - Pat Alexander

Hey Dan its Kevin man I miss you a lot I remember you were there when I was born.
Me, you and my brother and Roady always play football and stuff in the backyard
and when ever we always went and seen movies you would always have to say Pat
was my dad just to get in the movie but just thought I would say HI.
- Kevin Vittitow