In Loving Memory Of
James Daniel Faulkner
April 28, 1981 - September 8, 2004

Captured in a photograph for every one to see,
your face all bright and smiling looking back at me.
As I gaze upon your face I can’t help but remember,
the day they took your life away one morning in September.
With tear filled eyes I said goodbye the flag flew at half staff,
although you’re gone you still live on because I have your photograph.
Daniel, though our time together was brief, we were truly blessed to
have known and loved you. You filled our hearts with joy and happiness
and we miss you terribly.
Always in our minds . . . . . . . . Forever in our hearts

In an attempt to ready ourselves for the possibility that a large number of insurgents may
make it passed the guard towers and rush the FOB walls, we were conducting a FOB security
exercise.  All personnel on the FOB were ordered to "stand to" which meant we were going to
basically guard a section of the inner perimeter of the FOB.  Spc Michael Weger, SPC John
Love and I were in our room speaking with a reporter.  I think she was with the Dallas Morning
News.  SSG Kubena was a little worried we were going to divulge "privileged" information so he
sent my squad out the door to "prep".  I'm not sure if the three of them started planning on
ambushing me on my way back in or not at this point, but they saw me leaving.  But on my way
back in SGT Daniel Faulkner, SGT Robert Vanskiver, and SPC Chris Satchen jumped out of
the room dressed like ninjas and ambushed me when they heard me walk by.  They jumped
out in front of me; I saw them and yelled "Ahh Ninjas!" and took off running.  I was wearing all
reached my room or not.  They were carrying broomsticks and aluminum pieces of the army
times, it didn't hurt.  We were always screwing around like this I'd like to say we never
wounded each other but at least this time we kept it civil... Kinda.   But this was one of those
moments that I think I'll always remember...

Thanks Dan
SGT Jared J. Stoops
I miss ya
This photograph was taken at a
Thornton's Gas Station on Taylorsville
Road in Louisville Kentucky.

We were on our way to visit the
grandparents when we spotted  the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles making
a guest appearance. Naturally we had
to stop.

You can tell the age of the photograph
by looking at the price of gas in the

SGT Daniel Faulkner

SPC Chris Satchen