Pam and I would like to thank artist
Kaziah Hancock for painting this portrait of
Daniel. Your talent, kindness and compassion
have brought us much peace and comfort.
Our sincere thanks to all of our good friends,
especially Karen Saltsman, Connie Ashley and
Kathy Smith. Our burden easier to bear and our
world is a better place because of you.
Thanks to the members of the Sigma Alpha
Epsilon Fraternity of Franklin College.

Never will there be a finer group of True
Thanks Coach Kingery for all that you do and for all that
you have done for our children.

Your wisdom, compassion and determination has
enriched the lives of all you coach and teach. Our
community is a better place because of you.
The Loerzel Family for their support not only for our family but
for their support of our soldiers both home and abroad on
deployment. You are true patriots.
Thanks to local artist Boo Bertoli for
painting this beautiful portrait of
Daniel. You kindness and compassion
have brought us much comfort.
Thanks to Debbie Raleigh for the
dogwood tree growing on our front
yard. The beautiful spring blossoms
are a lovely reminder of your beautiful
Thanks to Susan Watkins for
the lovely landscaping in the
front of our house. We truly
appreciate your friendship and
Captain Josh Levine for your tireless assistance and
direction in navigating us through this tragedy.

You were a friend at a time when we needed one the most.

We are forever grateful to you.